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Welcome to Green Acres Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Do you know how by whom your medical cannabis is being grown and processed? Green Acres is a Santa Cruz based farm-direct collective that delivers directly from our small licensed farms to your door. This equals savings for you, while also knowing where your medicine comes from! Our premium strains are all pesticide-free and sustainably grown in their natural environments with organic nutrients. We provide free delivery to medical cannabis patients living in the area, and deliveries are professional, discrete and safe. Check out our menu now or dial 831-475-8420 for more info!

We specialize in high grade medical marijuana at affordable prices.
We also pride our selves on quality patient service, because medicinal marijuana is about people, not money.
We are a Patient owned Collective, with many benefits of becoming a Collective member.

A lifetime membership is Free of charge, and is valid as long as you have valid Medical Status.

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Santa Cruz Medical Marijuana Dispensary